Cell phone reception for drilling rigs

How to Boost Cell Phone Signal Reception Using a Fibre Booster.

Lost or intermittent cell phone signal signal coverage?
Do you need a secure transmission path?

Telcosat is pleased to introduce the new generation of RF Over Fibre Cellular Signal Booster technology.

"RF Over Fibre is an excellent method for the distribution of cell phone signals in large buildings, railways, airports or underground."

No matter where you live or work, there will be a good signal somewhere in your local area. Our RF Over Fibre solution works by taking that good RF signal and bringing it to your location.

RF Over Fibre converts the good RF signal to light. The light signal is transmitted through low cost fibre cable to your local area where it is then converted back to the original high quality RF signal with almost no reduction in signal strength.

RF Over Fibre is an ideal replacement for coaxial cable technology. It is extremely light when compared to the weight of coax, it will prevent lightning strikes passing to equipment, reduces wind loading on towers, and allows for remote location of antennas.

When running a cable on the outside of a building, or around the inside of a building, a fibre cable is far less visible than a coax cable and will not detract from the aesthetics of your building.

Fibre Booster For Quality Cell Phone Reception

RF Over Fibre is an excellent method for the distribution of cellular signals in large buildings. Using fibre will allow you to place the RF signal exactly where it is required without using excessive RF power. Excessive cell phone signal power is not good as it can leak out of the building causing interference problems for the cellular operators.

If you are having poor cell phone reception the Telcosat RF Over Fibre solution provides you with the precise level of cell phone signal you that need and expect.

Even if you are using Satellite, Cellular or 2-Way Radio we have an RF Over Fibre solution that will ensure you get the best signal available. A Telcosat cell phone booster will provide quality cell phone reception to your site.

To learn more about how to get quality cell phone reception to your building or worksite  and which solution might be the best for you contact Telcosat now on:

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