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Many of our connected devices can talk to the Internet as well as our phones. The devices that contribute to the Internet of Things (IOT) include personal, household, public, business and industrial spaces.

Cellular signal boosters are essential in maintaining the up-time and connectivity of your devices to the Internet of Things. Telcosat IOT products and solutions help you grow your business and ensure that your IOT devices remain connected.


The world is migrating cell phone service to 5G. Don’t be left behind and unable to connect your devices to the internet due to poor signal quality. Reliable cell phone signal will ensure that your connected devices will have great access to the internet.

The range of Telcosat cell phone signal boosters will provide high quality and consistent cell phone signal and improve upload and download speeds for your IOT connected devices. At the same time our signal boosters will improve cell phone signal coverage throughout your building.

You Will See What Works

Poor cellular connection will adversely affect all connected devices and consequently affect your bottom line. Cellular boosters are not just a nice-to-have technology, they are essential in maintaining communication and ensuring reliable data transfer between your IOT devices.

As a “host neutral booster,” Telcosat cell phone signal boosters will work with any carrier, which saves you money in not having to buy separate boosters for each carrier. We will show you how we can improve cell phone coverage in your building before you buy.


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