Example of Passive DAS Designed by Telcosat In A Workcamp.

Passive DAS - Boost Cell Phone Signal in Small Buildings.

To keep up with tennants demands for in building cell phone coverage, facility managers are turning to DAS, a solution that boosts cell phone signals within the building. A Passive DAS is great for smaller building sizes . A properly designed and installed passive DAS can meet public requirements, and provide coverage to multiple wireless service providers.

What Is Passive DAS?

Passive distributed antenna systems are made up of a network of coaxial cables, couplers, power splitters and antennas to distribute wireless signals throughout buildings. The initial incoming signal from the remote cell tower is generally amplified via a BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier) or Cell Phone Signal Booster.

Antennas located farthest from the cell phone signal booster will transmit a lower signal in the downlink (the signal from the cell tower to the cell phone) than the antenna located closer to the BDA.

A Passive DAS is typically cheaper in smaller buildings than its active counterpart. The signal in a passive DAS installation does not travel very far over the cable. Consequently these systems suffer significant signal loss over large distances, with each frequency having different loss characteristics.

Passive DAS are also typically subjected to higher noise in the uplink (the signal from the cell phone back to the cell tower) when compared to the antennas that are closer to the signal booster. Consequently, Passive DAS design is classically used for smaller coverage areas (less than about 200,000 square feet).

Telcosat has a Passive DAS solution to meet your building size.

No High Pressure Sales!

We don't use high pressure sales teams to con you into buying a product that you don't need, or worse still a product that simply wont work in your building.

How Will I Know It Will Work For Me?

We will work with you and demonstrate to you the best solution that will meet your needs. By the end of the pre-sales exploration you will know, in precise detail, the best solution and the level of coverage you will get throughout your building. See PLANNING A DAS to learn more about how we will work with you.

Our Guarantee?

When you buy a Telcosat Passive DAS we will GUARANTEE cell phone coverage in your building. Who else can make that claim?

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