How To Boost Cell Phone Signal in Offices using a Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Are you crowding around the cell phone hot spot to make a call?

Are you frustrated at the lack of cell phone signal coverage in your office?

Do you need just a small well defined area of your office to get cell phone coverage?

Is your cell phone battery power always running low?

New buildings, high rise buildings and older buildings with more robust construction frequently suffer from poor or no cell phone signal. The approved manner to overcome the lack of signal is to install an FCC and/or Industry Canada certified Distributed Antenna System (DAS).

The images below show the results of a "before and after" indoor cellular signal survey carried out by Telcosat for a client. The building, in downtown Calgary Alberta, comprises four above ground floors with a total space of 163,000sq ft, and two levels of below ground parking with a total of 308 parking stalls. The images are scaled 3D models of the building and for simplicity show the cell phone coverage on one floor and one level of parkade before and after the installation of a DAS.

DAS for All Environments

Cell Phone Signal Where You Want It.

Whether you have a tall building, an underground parkade, a railway tunnel, a shopping mall, a work camp, a hotel, or a mix use office/retail/condo facility our internationally deployed FCC and Industry Canada certified Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions provide an effective response to the difficult-to-cover areas.

Telcosat has the in-depth technical expertise and product solutions combined with pre-sales and after sales support that surpasses any competitive product.

Narrow Band vs Broad Band DAS
Other manufacturers systems are "narrow band" and only boost signals from specific carriers, and so will only work specifically on, for example Telus, or AT&T, or Rogers, or Bell but not all of them at once. With a narrow band system you will have to install a separate DAS for each network provider. Our DAS solutions provide "broad band" coverage, which means that with a Telcosat DAS you will only need one type of cell phone signal booster for all carriers. Our design significantly reduces the initial capital outlay and the amount of installed equipment. Our approach means that you will have the minimum amount of equipment for the maximum result, at the minimum cost.

We are skilled in making our installations invisible to the customer and yet still provide that all important boost for your cell phone signal.

No matter what size the building footprint Telcosat can design a solution that will provide cell phone coverage throughout your building.

To learn more about the types of DAS and which solution might be the best for you click Types of DAS.

Cell Phone Signal Reception Before a DAS

As a result of our initial site survey we plotted the signal levels throughout the building before the installation of cell phone boosters. The image to the left demonstrates the results of our survey. The black indicates the abscence of any measureable cell phone signal. The blue indicates limited cell phone reception. This level is consistent with what was expected close to a window. Throughout the parkade level there was no signal at all.

Cell Phone Signal Reception After Installation of a Telcosat DAS

The image to the left demonstrates the predicted and the measured signal levels throughout the building, across the same two floors, after the installation of cell phone boosters (Distributed Antenna System). Red indicates a strong cell phone signal (5 bars), and coincides with the location of the installed antennas. As can be seen there is now also strong cell phone signal throughout the underground car park. The site survey and client walk through carried out after the installation confirmed the accuracy of the prediction.

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