Boost Cell Phone Signal Reception Using DAS in a High Rise Block

How To Improve Cell Phone Reception In A Building Using A Distributed Antenna System - DAS

To satisfy the communication needs of your tenants, building managers should consider a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). DAS is a well-established system that will boost cell phone signals in your building.

A carefully planned and installed DAS is able to not only meet public safety network (PSN) requirements, but also provide cell phone coverage for multiple cell phone service providers and in some cases even incorporate Wi-Fi in the same infrastructure.

Have the Elements of The DAS Been FCC or IC Certified?

Don€™t be fooled by the marketing hype of low cost DAS solutions. In North America all professional grade DAS solutions will have undergone rigorous testing and certification procedures through either, or both, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Industry Canada (IC) before being allowed to be used on a commercial carrier's network. The aim of the FCC and IC certification process is to ensure that low grade products are not affecting the quality of the high grade network provided by the major carriers.

The use of products that are not FCC and/or IC certified is illegal in North America and will result in severe fines, as well as being told to permanently switch off and remove the offending equipment. Your "low cost" DAS solution is no longer looking like such a good deal as you will now have to spend more money to correct the problem. Building operators should ask all product suppliers for evidence of their FCC or IC certification before even considering the next step.

All Telcosat products have been certified by FCC and Industry Canada for use in the intended environment. Furthermore our latest line of products is fully compliant with the even more stringent FCC and IC regulations of January 2014 which, amongst other rigorous specifications require that boosters (repeaters) are able to automatically reduce the power out in the presence of a strong cell tower signal. This ensures that the booster does not swamp the cell tower with excessive signal thereby limiting the number of cell phones that are able to use that tower. We will be pleased to show you evidence of our certification as we start the process of designing your DAS.

The following steps outline the process we will take you through to ensure your DAS works as required.


Telcosat recognizes that much of the jargon around a DAS solution is not in your everyday language. As a result we have developed a turn-key system that will manage the full design and installation plan and walk you through the process. By the end of the process you will be fully conversant with all the technicalities and will be confidently using the jargon like a well-heeled professional.


The development of your DAS solution will start with a site survey. During the site survey a member of Telcosat will visit your site and take signal measurements inside the building as well as outside. We will also ask for a scaled plan of the building layout. This will be used later to show you exactly where all elements of your DAS will be located.


Telcosat will write a report that will detail the results of the site survey and show the strength of existing signals. We will also provide an initial plan for the proposed installation, a conceptual overview of the expected coverage area, proposed frequencies and the technology that we will use. The proposed installation plan will be a living document as we progress through the design phase. The report will also detail all project management activities that will take place during the course of the installation.


Telcosat has invested in an carrier quality industry standard In-Building Design application that has international approval. Using your scaled building plan, Telcosat will create a scaled 3D model of your building. This will show precisely where each element of the DAS will be located, and an easy to read coloured graphical view of the expected coverage throughout your building. In addition you will see a full Bill-Of-Materials, including cable lengths, so you will know exactly what we are buying for your installation.


Telcosat will be the project manager for the complete installation. Where required we may elect to use outside contractors, or a contractor of your choice, for specific aspects of the installation. This will mainly be related to any hard wiring electrical work. Telcosat has experience in making the installation invisible to your tenants and visitors.


Throughout the installation Telcosat will periodically test key elements of the installation to ensure compliance with normal operation.

At the end of the installation phase we will carry out a complete inspection and demonstrate to you that the system is working as agreed.


Cell phone technology is constantly evolving; consider that only just a few years ago we were all excited about 2G and now, already, 4G LTE is here and even now the next generation is being discussed. We have successfully planned into our design the ability to accept new technologies with little to no design impact.

To date the primary cause of failure has been as a result of misuse rather than actual component failure. However, in the event that a failure does occur Telcosat has a great record of being able to turn around a repair often in the same day.


Dead signal zones in buildings is a common problem. They cause major frustrations with tenants and visitors who expect, and often demand, that they can use their cell phone anywhere. Lost communications can also be the cause of lost business. A Telcosat trained DAS expert can help alleviate your communication worries and keep your tenants and visitors happy and wealthy.

To remove your DAS concerns and to arrange a free consultation about your DAS requirements call Telcosat now on

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We will work with you and demonstrate to you the best solution that will meet your needs. By the end of the pre-sales exploration you will know, in precise detail, the best solution and the level of coverage you will get throughout your building. See Building Operators Guide to DAS to learn more about how we will work with you.

A Quality DAS Installation Is Still More Affordable Than You Think

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