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Above Ground Multi Floor Office and Retail Space, With Below Ground Multi Level Parkade Without Cell Phone Signal.


Above Ground Multi Floor Office and Retail Space, With Below Ground Multi Level Parkade, Now With Strong Cell Phone Signal After The Installation of a Telcosat DAS  Using RPT 900 Cell Phone Signal Booster. The Brighter Red Spots Show The Strongest Cell Phone Signal And The Location Of The Antennas. 

Quality In Perfomance

Founded in 2003, Telcosat Inc. is a privately owned company that is located in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Telcosat continues to be innovative by developing new cell phone signal booster products for the communications industry.

Our flagship products are commercial grade, high quality, high gain,  cell boosters also called cell phone repeaters or cellular repeaters. Our products improve cell phone signal reception in areas located in poor or non-existent cell phone service areas.

To ensure best quality and highest reliability all Telcosat products are designed and manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with no offshore manufacturing.


We have designed 100 kilometer cell phone links, using multiple cell phone boosters in remote and mountainous locations including Peru and Mexico.

Telcosat continues to introduce new cell phone repeater models, such as, RF Over Fibre Optic Repeaters, also called Fibre Repeaters and a brand new Five Band cell phone signal booster called Cell Seeker.  We are also developing other innovative products that will improve in-building cell phone reception, so please keep watching our website for continued updates.

Telcosat cell boosters are sold around the world.

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