3D Coverage Analysis Visually Predicts Signal Coverage In The Mine

How to Boost Cell Phone Signal in Mines and Mining Operations

Using cell phone communications underground also opens up new possibilities for the staff to access critical or useful information, via company apps. It also allows staff make critical calls in the event of an emergency.

Mines and Mine Operations Coverage

Mines and mining operations are generally located miles from the nearest cell tower. When you are working away from home for weeks on end it is nice to be able to talk with the family back home.

Drilling rigs are generally located miles from the nearest cell tower, consequently cell phone signal is weak to non existent.

Prior to designing a rig booster solution, Telcosat will complete a coverage prediction analysis from the Cell Tower to the target rig site.

Telcosat has full in-house digital mapping services combined with our extensive technical knowledge base to design the best cellular coverage solution for your rig site.

We will demonstrate to you the level of coverage that you will get and how the system will work before you buy from us.

The image above demonstrates how cell phone coverage can be provided underground to the heart of the mining operation as well as the mine elevator shaft. All Telcosat pre sales reports detail the full bill of materials (BOM) with prices, the exact location of all installed equipment, and a diagram of the level of cell phone signal coverage that will be achieved (see the above image as an example).

Underground Safety Presents Unique Requirements

Underground mines have other more direct and serious problems related to communications and safety. While a mining operation might use a two way radio as its primary communication method, these are often of little value in the event of an underground structural collapse.

Using thin fibre optic cables, which are armour protected to military grade strength, a Telcosat DAS will provide quality cell phone service to key areas of your mining operation, or even simply so as to provide a quality form of back-up communications.

Indeed a large part of our company business is in supplying boosters to mining operations around the world. A Telcosat cell phone signal booster will provide quality cell phone service to your mining operation.


When you buy a Telcosat cell phone signal booster solution we GUARANTEE cell phone coverage at your mine. Who else can make that claim?


Dead signal zones deep underground is a common problem. They cause major frustrations with your staff and your general operation. Lost communications can also be the cause of lost business. A Telcosat trained cell phone signal booster expert can help alleviate your communication worries and keep your staff happy and enable your mining operation to be run with greater efficiency.

To remove your underground communication concerns and to arrange a free consultation about how a cell phone signal booster can improve communication underground, call Telcosat now on

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We will work with you and demonstrate to you the best solution that will meet your cell phone communication needs. By the end of the pre-sales exploration you will know, in precise detail, the best solution and the level of coverage you will get throughout your mining operation.

A Quality Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation For Your Mining Operation Is Still More Affordable Than You Think

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