Active DAS To Boost Cell Phone Signal In Large Buildings.

Active DAS - How To Boost Cell Phone Signal to Large Buildings.

To keep up with tennants demands for in building cell phone coverage, facility managers are turning to DAS, a solution that boosts cell phone signals within the building. Active DAS is great for larger building sizes . A properly designed and installed active DAS can meet public requirements, and provide coverage to multiple wireless service providers.

What Is Active DAS?

Simplistically Active DAS includes some element of signal amplification between the cell phone signal booster and the antennas distributed around the building. Active DAS may also include a technology called RF Over Fibre whereby the received signal from the cell tower, downlink, is used to modulate a light source. The modulated light signal is then transmitted through an optical fibre link, often to some form of managed hub. The hub converts the light signal back to RF, or will further distribute the signal either to some form of independent Remote Access Point where the light signal is converted back to RF, or to an active antenna unit that will convert the signal back to RF.

The advantage of the optical link means that the fibre cable between the signal booster and the optical converter can be many kilometers long with minimum to no signal loss along the length of the fibre cable.

Consequently when the signal is converted back from light to RF the signal power is effectively the same level as directly transmitted from the cell tower. Optical links as long as 6 km (approx. 3.6 miles) can be achieved. For this reason Active DAS is classically used where coverage is required for larger areas.

The design of an Active DAS is generally more complex than a Passive DAS. Active DAS is generally a more expensive solution, but has other operational benefits beyond a Passive DAS. For example, it is easier to add additional signal suppliers to an active DAS without any additional infrastructure changes. An Active DAS is easier to expand within the building envelop with minimum effect on the existing signal distribution throughout the building.

Telcosat has an Active DAS solution to boost cell phone signal in your building. 

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