Superb RF design, quality manufacturing and testing translates into reliability and are key metrics that ensure your repeater is operational when you need it.

Telcosat is a wholly owned Canadian company. We design build, test and support your repeater from our head quarters in Calgary Canada. We do not use any off shore manufacturing.

Telcosat Inc has invested large sums of capital in purchasing high grade test and measurement equipment. This ensures that each and every single board is thoroughly tested, and calibrated during the assembly of each cellular repeater. A 24 hour burn-in test at full rated power ensures that when you receive your repeater it will work straight out-of-the-box.

An Impressive Range of Modern Test Equipment

Telcosat has a strong emphasis on completing our own product R&D development programs. We have invested considerably into owning an impressive range of modern Test & Measuring equipment that allows us to continually commit to the improvement and development of high quality cellular repeater systems.

The Telcosat Difference: Dare to Compare

Have you wondered what the manufacturer might be hiding about the true specification of your new purchase?

Ask any manufacturer to show you the test data for the product you have just purchased and they will run a mile and give you every excuse as to why you can't have that information. We know the tricks they play and the marketing ploys they use.

Ask us the same question and we will gladly certify and print, at no additional cost, the actual test data for every repeater that you buy.

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