3D Coverage Analysis Visually Predicts Your Signal Coverage

How to Boost Cell Phone Signal in Underground Car Parks and Offices

No matter what size the parkade footprint Telcosat can design a solution that will provide cell phone coverage throughout your parkade or underground office, and we even have a proven solution to provide cell phone coverage in elevators.

Underground parkades, car parks, generally present special problems for cell phone coverage. The layout is often complex and includes multiple levels made with heavy duty concrete walls that restrict cell phone signal penetration. The floor space frequently contains many heavy duty concrete supporting pillars as well as concrete elevator shafts, all of which create shadows for cell phone signals.

The image above shows how a Telcosat DAS solution was used to provide cell phone signal coverage in a large multi-level underground parkade (for clarity only two levels are shown above). The hotter red colors indicate high signal levels (5 bars) while the colder blue colors indicate reduced signal levels. Prior to the DAS installation the colours throughout the parkade would all have been black. After installation full cell phone service was available throughout all parkade levels.

Using advanced 3D simulation software Telcosat will create a 3D model of your building/structure providing you with an accurate heat map predicting In-building wireless coverage.

Along with the 3D model of your building/structure we will supply an accurate material list with an exact hardware cost for all consumables for this project. Precise accurate detail for precise budget controls.


When you buy a Telcosat In-building Solution we GUARANTEE cell phone coverage in your building. See Guide to DAS to learn more about how we will work with you.


Dead signal zones in underground car parks and offices is a common problem. They cause major frustrations with tenants and visitors who expect, and often demand, that they can use their cell phone anywhere. Lost communications can also be the cause of lost business. A Telcosat trained DAS expert can help alleviate your communication worries and keep your tenants and visitors happy and wealthy.

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We will work with you and demonstrate to you the best solution that will meet your needs. By the end of the pre-sales exploration you will know, in precise detail, the best solution and the level of coverage you will get throughout your building.

A Quality DAS Installation For Your Car Park Or Underground Office Is Still More Affordable Than You Think

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