"Partner with a real supplier, providing quality Canadian made products, extensive expertise in path profiling and in- building cellular design. Together we will fulfill your customer's requirements."

Telcosat cell boosters have been successfully deployed throughout Canada, North America and South America as well as African countries. They are deployed in some of the most arduous terrains from deserts to mountains to drilling rigs as well as regular urban environments, Telcosat mobile phone boosters are designed to survive outside in extreme climates, from a hot and humid Nigerian summer to the penetrating cold of a deep and long Canadian winter.

We are now looking for additional worldwide distributors.

Since the formation of our company in 2002, Telcosat has steadfastly provided our distributors and resellers with quality products designed and manufactured in Canada, competitive pricing, on-time accurate delivery, OUTSTANDING pre-sales and post sales technical support, plus ongoing sales and technical training.

Unlike low cost foreign imports our products are made using the highest quality, often Mil Spec, components. We do this to ensure that our finished products are extremely reliable, highly durable and will withstand the harshest operating environments.

More Than Just Selling Products

Most suppliers will just sell you booster products without understanding how the booster will be used, and if the booster will work in the intended environment. For example, it is important to know if there is a mobile phone tower within reach, what power levels are coming from the tower and what power levels are available at the customer's site.

Telcosat has extensive expertise in carrying out Path Profile Analysis to determine the level of signal that can be expected at the customer site before and after the installation of a mobile phone booster.

If your customer wants mobile phone reception throughout a building (Distributed Antenna System, DAS) we have the necessary extensive expertise and tool set to help you show your them exactly what equipment will be required, where it will be installed and the level of signal coverage that they can expect post installation. All of this is done before they spend a single penny on product purchases.

Telcosat remains committed to monitoring emerging mobile phone technologies, and developing new products to meet the changing needs. In this highly regulated environment we provide first class training to better serve our distributors and resellers.


Unsurpassed Technical Ability

As a distributor you will be either renting out cell boosters for use on drilling rigs as rig boosters, or you are currently holding in stock a range of mobile phone products, and even potentially lower power cell boosters. You are interested in expanding your product line to include high gain, commercial grade, cell phone signal boosters and rig boosters that will further enhance the reach of your marketing efforts into areas such as:

* Large multi floor buildings,
* Underground car parks, mine operations, or offices,
* Shopping malls,
* Rural locations,
* Remote resorts,
* National Parks
* Golf courses or other leisure facility
* Emergency coverage to disaster zones
* Drilling Rigs
* Hospitals

Our stocking dealer program allows your company to get the most competitive pricing on the market today.

In return we will help to ensure that when your customers buy a Telcosat mobile phone signal booster from you they will get quality mobile phone signal where they need it.


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