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cell phone reception for work camps

How to Boost Cell Phone Signal to Work Camps.

Using cell phone communications opens up new possibilities for access to other information, via company apps, for the staff.

3D Coverage Analysis Visually Predicts Your Signal Coverage

Work camps are generally located miles from the nearest cell tower, consequently cell phone signal is weak to non existent.

Remote Cellular communications bring with it other technical problems.

Prior to designing a work camp DAS  solution, Telcosat will complete a coverage prediction analysis from the nearest Cell Tower to your site.

Telcosat has full in-house digital mapping services combined with our extensive technical knowledge base to design the best cellular coverage solution for remote work sites.

We will demonstrate to you the level of coverage that you will get and how the system will work before you buy from us.

The image above is extracted from a clients report. All Telcosat pre sales reports detail the full bill of materials (BOM) with prices, the exact location of all installed equipment, and a diagram of the level of cell phone signal coverage that would be achieved (see the above image as an example).

Work Camp Cell Phone Coverage

When you are working away from home for weeks on end it is nice to be able to talk with the family back home.

Drilling rigs  have other more direct and serious problems related to constant and severe vibration, as well as exposure to extreme weather environments. In addition drilling rigs may be required to move on to the next location at a moments motice and with as little effort as possible. 

Staff at Telcosat have detailed expereince of drilling operations and have designed our boosters to be robust, easy to install (set up and tear down) and to survive the extreme environments of a work camp. Indeed a large part of our company business is in supplying  boosters to work camps operations around the world.  A Telcosat DAS will provide quality cell phone service to your work camp.

To learn more about the types of work camp solution that might be the best for you contact Telcosat now on:

CANADA + 403 291 4031