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Hybrid DAS

How to Boost Cell Phone Signal to a Medium Size Building.

As technology has evolved over time, there has been a shift in how we use our wireless devices. With the demand for indoor cell phones and data on the rise, DAS solutions are quickly becoming a necessity for businesses and buildings with coverage challenges. A Hybrid DAS is a great solution for medium sized buildings or areas of unusual design. 

Hybrid DAS Installation By Telcosat

A Complex Building With Underground Parking

A Hybrid DAS uses a combination of a Passive DAS with antennas connected via coax, and an RF Over Fibre solution that is primarily used to transport signal through the buildings risers to other floors for further distribution often through a passive antenna network. The above image shows the signal levels for Telcosat Hybrid DAS installation throughout a multi level complex building including below ground parking. 

Although the antennas are still connected via coax cable and will, therefore, engender certain signal losses, the Hybrid DAS still has lower signal loss than a purely passive system.

Hybrid systems can be a good solution for medium-sized spaces, or unusual signal problems. Multiple passive systems can be linked by fiber cable to a remote amplifier unit.

A hybrid DAS using both high- and low-power transmission mediums is the obvious choice for sporting venues and college and corporate campuses, where there is a need for indoor and outdoor coverage.


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We don't use high pressure sales teams to con you into buying a product that you don't need, or worse still a product that simply wont work in your building.

You Will See What Works

We will work with you and demonstrate to you the best solution that will meet your needs. By the end of the pre-sales exploration you will know, in precise detail, the best solution and the level of coverage you will get throughout your building. See Building Operators Guide to DAS to learn more about how we will work with you.

Our Guarantee

When you buy a Telcosat repeater we will GUARANTEE cell phone coverage in your building. Who else can make that claim?

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