In-Building Cell Phone Signal Coverage Ideal For:

* Airports
* Campus Grounds
* Condos 
* Hotels
* Office Blocks
* Ranches
* Resorts
* Shopping Malls
* Secure Buildings
* Stadiums
* Tower Blocks
* Tunnels
* Underground Parkades
* Underground Bunkers

DAS for All Environments

Cell Phone Signal Where You Want It.

Whether you have a tall building, an underground parkade, a railway tunnel, a shopping mall, a work camp, a hotel, or a mix use office/retail/condo facility our DAS solutions provide an effective response to the difficult-to-cover areas.

Telcosat has the in-depth technical expertise and product solutions combined with pre-sales and after sales support that surpasses any competitive product.

Our DAS solutions provide broad band coverage, which means that, unlike other systems which are narrow band and only boost signals from specific carriers, with a Telcosat DAS you will only need one type of cell phone signal booster for all carriers. Our design significantly reduces the initial capital outlay and the amount of installed equipment. This means that you will have the minimum amount of equipment for the maximum result.

We are skilled in making our installations invisible to the customer and yet still provide that all important cell phone coverage.

No matter what size the building footprint Telcosat can design a solution that will provide cell phone coverage throughout your building.

To learn more about the types of DAS and which solution might be the best for you click Types of DAS.

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