Boost Cell Phone Signal  Using a Telcosat Dual Band  CDMA, EDGE, GSM, LTE and 5G Cellular Repeater. Can be used on Telus, Bell, Rogers, ATT, Verizon and other international networks.

Other Repeaters Dream of Being This Powerful

The RPT 900+1900 MHz dual band 5G cell phone signal booster is our latest product in the Telcosat family of repeaters. This powerful dual band Cell Phone Signal Booster amplifies signal in the 1900 and 1900MHz Band.

The TELCOSAT Dual Band Repeater is a bidirectional system in two separate frequency bands. Each band comprises UPLINK and DOWNLINK modules and SECTOR ANTENNA.

Being a Dual Band product means that you will not need to buy a separate repeater for each frequency band. Our Dual Band  repeater will increase voice and text 4G LTE and 5G signals provided by any cell carrier operating in the 900 and 1900MHz band.

The RPT Dual Band reduces dropped & missed calls. It will allow much faster high-speed 4G LTE and 5G internet, and improve call quality which will ensure a better voice environment for you.

Enables multiple device support: Our Dual Band repeater supports multiple devices simultaneously, allowing you to boost the signal for multiple cell phones, tablets, or other cellular-enabled devices within your coverage area.

Our signal boosters will expand the coverage area of a cellular network, whether you are receiving signal from Bell, Telus, Rogers, ATT, Verizon or other networks. Ideal for remote or rural areas with weak signal strength. They will amplify signals from cell towers many tens of kilometers away.

The Dual Band signal booster can be particularly useful for businesses operating in large buildings or commercial spaces where signal attenuation is common. It will improve cellular connectivity for your employees and customers, leading to better productivity and customer satisfaction. For more details about how to get or boost cell phone signal in your office click 
"BOOST CELL PHONE SIGNAL IN OFFICESYou will be redirected to one of our web pages showing how you can improve cell phone signal in your office.

Technical support, warranty and all repairs are available in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

If you have any questions regarding cellular repeater applications indoors or outdoors, please contact us today and a member of our design team would be pleased to assist you.

RPT-900/1900 Dual Band Repeater Technical Specifications
       Never Miss Another Call.

Frequency Uplink:
880 - 915 MHz  and 1710.2 -1784.8 MHz
Uplink Gain: 95dB
Uplink Gain Step: 2dB
Uplink Nominal Power : 30dB
Frequency Downlink: 
925 - 960 MHz and 1805.2 -1879.8 MHz
Downlink Gain: 95dB
Downlink Gain Step: 2dB
Downlink Nominal Power: 30dB 

Input/Output Impedance:
Z = 50 Ohms
Manual Gain Adjustment Range: 50dB 
Noise Figure:<3.7 dB

 Power Supply:
110/240 VAC @ 75 W

Operating Temperature:
-20ºC to +50ºC

RF Connectors:
50 Ohm N Type, Female

Unit Size: 18" x 16.5" x 12", 45 x 41.6 x 31.5 cm

Weight: 60 lbs, 27 kg Typical

Enclosure Type: Nema 4A, 12

FCC and Industry Canada Certified

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