How to Boost 700MHz Cell Phone Signal  Using a Telcosat RPT 700  CDMA, EDGE, GSM, LTE and 5G Cellular Repeater on Telus, Bell, Rogers, ATT, Verizon and other international networks.


The RPT 700 dual band 5G cell phone signal booster is our latest product in the Telcosat family of repeaters. It has been designed to meet the growing need for cellular 700MHz signal boosters.

The TELCOSAT RPT700 is a bidirectional system comprising UPLINK and DOWNLINK modules and sector antennas.

The RPT700 Cell Phone Signal Booster amplifies signal in the 700 MHz Band. It can be used to provide crucial cell phone communications by delivering consistent quality cell phone signal for First Responders, Offices, Shopping Malls, Mining Operations, Remote and Rural Locations and a host of similar environments.

The RPT700 will increase voice and text 4G LTE and 5G signals provided by any cell carrier operating in the 700MHz band.

The RPT700 reduces dropped & missed calls and extends battery life for all cellular devices. It will allow much faster high-speed 4G LTE and 5G internet, and improve call quality which will ensure a better voice environment for you.

The output from the RPT700 RF Port offers a colossal 95dB of gain. This means that the RPT 700 will reach areas of your location that other products might only dream about.

Don’t be fooled by misleading advertising. We will confidently demonstrate to you how we achieve our massive area coverage.

Many products, that claim to be in a similar class, are left well behind when it comes to comparing like-for-like technical specifications. The majority of companies will tell you that their booster has, for example, 85db of gain. What they are not telling you is that this also includes all other products in the line, such as antennas and in line amplifiers.

A Telcosat RPT-700 has 95db of gain at the RF power out port. This is already 10 db above any competitor (which equates to more than three times more) AND it does not include any antenna gain or in line amplifiers, which will add even more gain to the  transmitted signal and take our gain way beyond that of any competitor product.

Technical support, warranty and all repairs are available in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Like all Telcosat products, the RPT-700 is designed and manufactured in Canada. Like all Telcosat products, we do not use offshore manufacturing. 

If you have any questions regarding cellular repeater applications indoors or outdoors, please contact us today and a member of our design team would be pleased to assist you.

RPT-700 Technical Specifications
Unsurpassed Leader in this Market.

Frequency Uplink:
698 - 716 MHz  and 777 -787 MHz
Uplink Gain: 95dB
Uplink Gain Step: 2dB
Uplink Nominal Power : 30dB
Frequency Downlink: 728 - 746 MHz
746 -756 MHz
Downlink Gain: 95dB
Downlink Gain Step: 2dB
Downlink Nominal Power: 30dB 

Input/Output Impedance:
Z = 50 Ohms
Manual Gain Adjustment Range: 50dB 
Noise Figure:<3.7 dB

 Power Supply:
110/240 VAC @ 100 W

Operating Temperature:
-20ºC to +50ºC

RF Connectors:
50 Ohm N Type, Female

Unit Size: 18" x 16.5" x 12", 45 x 41.6 x 31.5 cm

Weight: 68 lbs, 28.5 kg Typical

Enclosure Type: Nema 4A, 12

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