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RPT900 Cell Booster

The RPT 900 800MHz cell phone signal booster is our flagship product and has been in service since 2002. Our first deployed repeater has amassed over 122,000 hours of service without failure.
Built to survive the extreme cold weather climate of Canada down to -40C and highest heat and humidity of a Nigerian summer +40C. Like all of our signal booster products, the RPT 900 cell booster is great as an indoor cell phone signal booster and can easily be used in an outdoor environment without further protection.

RPT 1900 Cell Signal Booster

The RPT 1900 cellular repeater boosts cell phone signal in the 1800 to 1900 MHz Band for 4G LTE, CDMA, EDGE, GSM, TDMA, AMPS, and WCDMA.
Like all Telcosat products, the RPT-1900 cell booster is designed and manufactured in Canada. If you want an indoor cell phone signal booster for your house, a multi level office, or around your acreage the RPT 1900 is the best cell signal booster solution for all environments. It can easily pick up cell phone signals from tens of kilometers away.

RBB-850 Cell Booster  

The Telcosat RBB-850 with 70dB RF gain is the perfect solution to boost indoor cellular signals throughout your office or underground locations.
The RBB 850 comes with full remote control via a web based easy to use interface. Connect the unit to a network and you can remotely monitor and control your repeater. The remote monitoring will also send out email alarms to three user email addresses.

IDEN-800 Repeater
(Push to Talk Cellular Repeater)

The IDEN-800 BDA is a custom built push-to-talk (PTT) cell phone signal booster.
Please contact us for your requirements.

RPT-900H Hybrid Fibre Repeater
(Cellular RF Over Fibre)

The Telcosat RPT900H converts a quality RF signal into a light pattern, which is then transmitted through a fibre optic cable, and finally converted back into an RF signal where the boosted cell signal is rebroadcast around the local area.
This useful "Master and Remote" system can bypass, with ease, the cell phone dead zones caused by buildings, mountains, or other obstacles.

Cell Seeker Repeater
(Five Band Cellular Repeater)

Telcosat is about to bring to the market a Mini Pico DAS (Distributed Antenna System), the CELL SEEKER. As a host neutral system the Cell Seeker is able to work with ALL carriers across five frequency bands and covers 700MHz, 800MHz, 1900MHz and 2100 MHz GSM and LTE.
The Cell Seekers small form factor will easily be concealed indoors or outdoors and provide full indoor cellular coverage for your building.
The Cell Seeker showcases the latest in self-seeking technology for immediate plug and play.

In Line Pre Amp
(Amplification Without Degradation)

The Telcosat Pure Signals series of dual band in line pre amps are available with gains in the range of 10, 15, 20 or 30dB and operate in the frequency range of 824 - 1990MHz.
Fully waterproof and with a maximum output power of +20dBm, and maximum input level of 0dBm, the Pure Signals series of pre-amps are ideally suited for use with 3G, 4G LTE, CDMA, EDGE, GSM and WCDMA in-building or outdoor projects.

Bias T
(Power Over Coax)

The Telcosat 32V dc, 10MHz to 3GHz Bias T (Bias Tee) DC Injector is waterproof, extremely rugged and durable and would easily meet "military grade" standards. Able to withstand wide extremes of temperature a Telcosat Bias Tee is ideal for designs where low cost, high quality, space limitation, and outdoor all weather environments are critical.
This product is ideal for test labs and systems where remote power over RF is a major factor in the design.

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